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Structural Violence Report 001

Updated: Aug 18, 2019


How Do Racist Ideologies contribute to Structural Violence in the Plymouth County District of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts???

On September 21, 1994, Judge Neil L. Lynch shared his findings with Chief Justice Paul J. Liacos on behalf of the Commission to Study Racial and Ethnic Bias in the courts of Massachusetts.

Judge Neil L. Lynch expressed the following:

"I regret to report that it is the perception of many lawyers, community members, judges and, focus groups that disparate treatment towards racial and ethnic minorities exist within the courts of the Commonwealth."

On September 22,1994, The Boston Globe Reported:

" A report released yesterday by the Supreme Judicial Courts Commission to Study Racial and Ethnic Bias in the Courts state that a review of robbery convictions across the state show blacks were more likely to get prison sentences than whites and that other "disparity in sentencing" exists."

"When a black person walks into a Massachusetts Courthouse, " the likelihood is that they are not going to get equal justice" said Liacos

"The report recommends a series of ways to diminish discrimination, including hiring more interpreters, hiring more minority court employees, making court forms available in many languages and diversifying jury pools"

The Commission to Study Racial and Ethnic Bias in the Courts was a 4 year $750,000 effort. The Boston Globe stated:

"It found state courts were guilty of overt and subtle racism, especially in cases that involved non-English speaking people."

An Appeals Court Judge and commission member Frederick L. Brown stated; "Only when the Legislature gets their hands out of the courts' pocket will minorities have a chance to succeed."

(You can find reports and bills here: https://www.thepublicairconference.com/all-news/categories/petitions)

In 2017 John Gramlich found that Blacks represent 12% of the United States adult population but made up 33% of the united states prison population. According to Federal Law, African Americans are a Protected Class of Citizens. So why is the percentage rate of African Americans in America nearly tripled when cross referenced by the prison population, and how much does the systemic practice in the Plymouth County contribute to these statistics???

During the 2014-2015 controversy, evidence of racism in the Plymouth County DA's Office was exposed to the public. Meanwhile a number of African Americans have undergone pretrial and trial proceedings while these same prosecutors were in office. How did racism undermine the safeguarding of a Protected Class of Citizens?

In the Sunday Globe Special written by Michael Rezendes on July 4th, 2015, it was reported that "16 Senior prosecutors out of a staff of 50 have left over the last three years." Why did 16 Senior prosecutors terminate their employment??? Why haven't these issues been treated with due diligence???

Supporters of "The R.O.L. Initiative" assert that the public has too many concerns not to sign the Petition to admit the grounds for an Independent and Formal Investigation. Only then might we know how racist ideologies contribute to Structural Violence in the Plymouth County District of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts???

To support this petition click here: http://chng.it/djgZShSj

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