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Updated: Aug 17, 2019

"The R.O.L. Initiative" is an Advocate for Restorative Justice and fair treatment of all people. "The R.O.L. Initiative" holds a vision of Transformative Policies and asserts a need for Accountability, rather than Immunity from all fields, but especially from elected officials.

Did you know that the District Attorney holds the most powerful seat in the criminal justice system?

Aside from prosecuting criminal cases in a courtroom, District Attorneys have executive reign over the entire prosecutor's office and immense power over the county itself, with little to no oversight.

The elected District Attorney holds legislative and lobbying power and maintains close coordinated affairs with local police and judges.

These close coordinated relationships with local police may be a contributing factor as to why the Plymouth County DA's Office has a history of "not indicting police officers despite evidence against them" as reported by The Boston Globe.

The lack of oversight has arguably contributed to the perpetuation of structural violence. But what is structural violence? Structural Violence is any systemic construct of practice, policy, or law put in place to marginalize, criminalize, disenfranchise, and oppress while disproportionately targeting a group or groups of people.

An example of Structural Violence was the long practiced policy called "Red Lining" where red lines were literally drawn on a map to marginalize and prevent people of color from purchasing property or receiving loans if they lived in certain areas within the bounds of the Red Lines.

In what The Boston Globe described as a "lengthy written statement", Timothy Cruz noted that "overall, his office won convictions in 84 percent of the 147 homicide cases brought to trial from 2002 through 2014." But when considering his 'win at all cost' ethic, one may question what percentage of the 147 homicide cases resulted in a wrongful conviction ?

Take the Darrell 'Diamond' Jones case for instance. He was wrongfully convicted of First Degree Murder and served 32 years in prison before overturning his case and regaining his freedom in 2019.

Or take any one of the three murder cases overturned by the Supreme Judicial Court in a one month span. On July 7th, 2019 Commonwealth v. Richard Holbrook was overturned.

Nearly 3 weeks later, two more cases were reversed. On July 26th, 2019, the Commonwealth v. Paulo Tavares and Commonwealth v. Barryene Ware murder one convictions were overturned and each man is now presumably innocent.

How many more wrongfully convicted defendants are there?

How do we know unless we investigate the integrity of each conviction. Supporters of "The R.O.L. Initiative" are suggesting the Plymouth County District Attorney's Office as a starting point.

When 'The Public Air Conference' asked Paulo Tavares to speak to his experience with the Plymouth County District Attorney's Office, he stated: "My experience with the Plymouth County District Attorney's Office has been illustrated through out the reports of Michael Rezendes of The Boston Globe. It is so unreal for me to have lived this out in real time. I am only thankful that it took 13 years to overturn my wrongful conviction rather than the 20 to 30 plus years it took so many others."

Published Songwriter and Human Rights Activist T.R.U. Stated: "It is common knowledge that the Criminal Justice system is a broken system. Yet millions of human lives are being processed through this broken system annually. If a hospital had a failure rate as high as the prison system, it would be shut down IMMEDIATELY!!! So whose benefitting from this broken system aside from the people and companies who are making billions of dollars off of an industry that I'd suggest is the biggest undocumented scam in American History. New prison facilities have open up and are directed to hold immigrant detainees, then the President of the world's leading nation calls for more Ice raids. It is taking place right in front of our faces."

Amid the 2014-2015 controversy Timothy Cruz vowed "to initiate an outside investigation, to complement an internal review of the messages that he said began when the emails surfaced earlier this year." But isn't it a conflict of interest for him to hire someone HIMSELF to investigate HIS own office???

President-elect Robert W. Harnais from the Massachusetts Bar Association told The Globe on July 4rth, 2015: "This isn't about winning, it's about justice."

A "Justice".....that has yet to be seen.

Support "The R.O.L. Initiative" by signing the petition to commence a formal FBI/USDOJ investigation into the Plymouth County District Attorney's Office. The people of the Commonwealth deserve transparency from elected officials and human rights must be restored.

Please support "The R.O.L. Initiative" in addressing Communal and Structural Violence! To learn more click here: https://www.thepublicairconference.com/the-r-o-l-initiative

-To sign The R.O.L. Inititative's petition to investigate the Plymouth County District Attorneys Office please visit: http://chng.it/djgZShSj

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