The R.O.L. Initiative

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   We are the Board Members of The R.O.L. (Redefining Our Leadership) Initiative. 


   The Redefining Our Leadership Initiative is an effort which aims to publicly address the key issues that are effecting the entire nation of "Urban Society".


    The R.O.L. Initiative is a Collective Human Action currently targeting Communal and Structural Violence in the Plymouth County District of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (but is not limited to). Everyone is invited and encouraged to contribute. We have joined with the people of "Urban Society", from influential community members to state representatives working to draft, file and support Bills into becoming Nation Wide Legislation.


   The R.O.L. Initiative seeks to achieve:


           • Communal Justice

           • Social Justice

           • Economical Justice

           • Educational Justice 

           • Political Justice

           • Structural Justice

           • Restorative Justice

           • Cultural Transformation

           • Identity Validation

           • Health Equity

           • Addressing the Key Issues of Urban Society

           • Public Safety

           • Redefine Our Community Leadership

           • To promote the Advancement of Urban Society

           • And more...


You may reach The Project Development Coordinators at: TheROLInitiative2019@gmail.com 


           Thank You. We look forward to our unified progression!

 "City lights dim"
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 "City Lights Dim"


"'The R.O.L. Initiative' belongs to all of us, while simultaneously belonging to none of us. We, as a board and a people, have simply been entrusted with a responsibility on behalf of the entire nation of Urban Society (U.S.). In serving the public with this responsibility. We would benefit from your donation. The funds will be used on the basis of organizational needs, from hiring Private Investigators to investigate elected officials for accountability to effectively hosting community events in spite of our disadvantaged point of approach. We are striving through a collaborative spirit with Global Activist Coordination Teams to address issues that are preventing the betterment of our Quality of Life all throughout Urban Society. We need as many spirits to join in on this cause. The time is NOW! Thank You for your contributions in support of 'The R.O.L. Initiative'."

-R.O.L. Board Member

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